Your home’s millwork, moulding, and trim add unique details

No matter how much you may have loved your home when you first moved in, eventually, things begin to look a little worn out, and the thought of a renovation starts to take hold and won’t go away. Unless foam crown molding large your house was a custom build, or you could add upgrades when you built, chances are good that the problem is your rooms need more individuality.

Adding custom millwork to your rooms creates those camera-ready details, so flip through some shelter mags or Pinterest for ideas, and get out your hammer and mitre box to make it happen. Or ask your carpenter to take care of the labour, and you inspire. Here are a few ways that millwork takes your rooms from drab to dramatic.

Here is a quick tutorial if you need clarification on what millwork is. Lumber mills run raw wood through machines to manufacture the pieces used in construction, from contract-grade 2X4s to the most ornate balusters. This process is called milling, so the decorative trim woods are called millwork. How to install large crown molding and millwork are almost interchangeable, but large cove crown molding tend to be fancier and ornate.

Dado or Chair Rails, Picture Moulding

A railing that runs horizontally along a wall at the height of 24 inches is a chair rail or a dado. It was a purely decorative feature in Greek architecture. Still, the practicality of the rail protecting the walls from chair backs and other furniture is why they’re called chair rails since the Victorian period. These are typically used in dining rooms or an entry hall where you might paint underneath the rail and paper over it.

Picture large crown molding ideas dresses up the blank space under the chair rail. First, create a frame from any milled trim that appeals to you, then arrange some frames beneath the chair rail along the wall at regular intervals. They can be wallpapered inside, painted to match the walls, or painted the same colour but with a distinct shine.

Crown Moulding


There is ornate trim called crown molding large where the ceiling meets the wall. A crown is a one-piece S shape with a depth of three to four inches in its most basic form. Dentil, egg-and-dart, gadroon, and relief are a few types of large crown molding that instantly upgrade the look of a space.

Dentil mouldings are a style that may be seen in Federal or Georgian architecture (think Williamsburg and Monticello). It is a row of tiny squares with teeth-like carvings reminiscent of George Washington’s wooden crown candy mold chopsticks.

Egg-and-Dart Although being a Greek architectural element’s descendant, dart mouldings are a little more Baroque in style and pack a powerful visual punch when used in a mid-century or modern home. They give a boxy room some dimension and have a row of carved ovals spaced apart by an arrow or dart.

Gadroon moulding, which consists of a sequence of tapered or curved reeds or beads, may seem highly exotic but is skillful large crown molding for sale. This carving effect, nulling, lends a sophisticated touch to a more formal setting. Another type of gadroon is a simple string of beads running over a plain piece of a crown, frequently referred to as “Bead-and-Pearl” on a crown moulding.

A crown moulding’s relief. From the Italian word reliever, which means to elevate, relief is a highly stylized, three-dimensional raised profile found on crown mouldings. On a relief crown moulding, anything goes, but Queen Anne shells, acanthus leaves, and other floral designs showed a lot of flair without being excessive.